bx1: the Analogue 3-Channel Modus Equalizer By Brainworx (prototype stage!)

bx1 Features

The bx1 is a state-of-the-art analogue equalizer that provides you with up to 3(!) channels depending on the mode it is running in. The 3 main modes are:

Conventional Stereo (2 channels)

  • Use the left and right section of the bx1 to control the left and right side of your stereo signal as with any other stereo EQ.

“PlusOne”-mode (3 channels)

  • The bx1 will control a stereo signal with the right section (the Stereo Section) of the unit with both sides being filtered identically. In addition you can control any mono signal that is connected to the “+1” input and output. This mode is great for recording studios that can use the Stereo Section in the main master insert of an analogue console and use the Mono Section to filter any mono signal to be recorded or mixed.
  • This mode is also used for mastering a 5.1 mix with only 2(!) units of the bx1:
    • Front L&R will be filtered by the Stereo Section of unit A.
    • The Center channel will be controlled by the “+1” channel of unit A.
    • Rear L&R will be filtered by the Stereo Section of unit B.
    • The Sub channel will be controlled by the “+1” channel of unit B.
  • The chance to get away buying only 2 units of the bx1 for a 5.1 surround mastering studio instead of having to buy 3 units of any other regular analogue stereo EQ is a deal if you are aware of prices for 2-channel-mastering-EQs!

M/S-mode (2 channels)

  • One of the main highlights of the bx1 is the built-in analogue M/S matrix that will split any stereo signal into sum and difference signals. Both signals (M and S) can then be eq-ed separately.
  • Solo buttons for the M and S section allow you to listen to the M and S signal phase corrected individually while you filter your mix! No other EQ that we know of has that feature! And if that´s not enough there are 4 switchable Inserts for the M/S-mode, so you can patch your favorite analog or digital gear into the M/S-matrix. Even other EQs can of course be patched into the bx1-matrix since we do not want to deny that there are 2 or 3 other nice sounding EQs out there that you might already own and use.
  • The 4 inserts: “M pre EQ”, “M post EQ”, “S pre EQ” and “S post EQ”.

General EQ Features (for 2- and 3-channel modes)

  • 5 Band fully parametric EQ (LF, LMF, MF, HMF, HF) per section.
  • LF & and HF switchable to shelving type
  • LMF & HMF switchable to Lo-Pass or Hi-Pass (each!)


  • We are working on an analogue add-on for the bx1 that will allow you to easily de-ess your mixes in M/S-mode to keep your mix shiny while correcting the vocal sound and to mainly give you a “bigger” overall sound with more “air” at the same time.
  • Please check the bx2 features and pics!

bx2: Analogue Image Shifter And M/S-De-Esser Extension For The bx1

bx2 Features

The bx2 is an extension for the bx1 that will give you great new and additional possibilities to optimize your stereo masters. It can provide any mix with a “bigger” overall sound with big bottom and mor “air” at the same time! And it will de-ess your mixes if needed in M/S mode!

Bass Shift

This will shift octaves of your bass frequencies with the turn of one knob! The frequencies have been optimized for the special needs of the M and S section by experienced mastering engineers.

Presence Shift

This Knob will shift your high frequenices to get that “shine” you always wanted in your mixes without getting them "harsh"…


Separately de-ess the M and S signals of your mix! Get your vocals de-essed without killing the cymbals presence, or add some high frequencies to stereo keys and guitars without starting the lead vocals to sound “sssssss”…


Select a frequency (from 20 Hz to 400 Hz). Your stereo signal will be mono-ed up to that frequency to get your bass sound extra-tight if needed…